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Do you have communications plans for internal and external audiences? What about issues management or public engagement strategies? We get it… you’re busy! But research shows that local government success is a direct reflection of the calibre of both internal and external communications.

With more than 25 years of local government experience, we can help you develop and implement innovative, meaningful, and productive communications plans and processes that will improve staff morale and productivity while building public awareness and support.

Communications Audits / Plans

You know what they say about failing to plan! We’ll help you move forward now with communications audits, brand and/or key message reviews, and strategic and tactical plans that optimize your human, financial, and technological resources. We’ll also incorporate activities and schedules for ongoing plan evaluation and refinement.

Risk Communication

Don't run the risk! Your constituents have the right to be informed about changes and events that affect their health, safety, and/or the environment. Our 7-step planning process identifies, customizes, and integrates audience-specific tactics and tools for ongoing risk communication, and helps build capacity for potential emergencies.

Issues Management

It’s not a question of “if”, but "when"! Whether you have to defend a political decision, stickhandle an environmental crisis, or explain a deadline not met, we can help create a practical plan for managing formal and informal responses to questions and comments from internal and external audiences. We can also help you build capacity for preventing future issues management challenges.

Stakeholder Engagement

Two (or two hundred) heads are better than one! Good insights and ideas come in all shapes and sizes, and from all sources. Proactive local governments include key stakeholders in all aspects of planning, knowing that collaborative learning and problem-solving lead to more informed, innovative, practical, and affordable solutions. We combine natural curiosity with proven research techniques to help you pick the right brains at the right time.

Legislated Consultation

It takes a village to make a village. We have extensive experience in the design and delivery of legislated consultation processes for community planning, liquid and solid waste management plans, and other capital projects. We combine senior government requirements with client objectives, industry best practices, and emerging technologies to ensure that public feedback is undertaken authentically and professionally, and is appropriately reflected in project outcomes.

Public Engagement

Good leaders listen. Proactive local governments have embraced public consultation / engagement for its ability to measure residents’ appetite for change, stimulate creative problem-solving, and build strategic and financial support for current and future projects. To that end, we combine qualitative exercises with quantitative tools to ensure meaningful and productive outcomes.




Informed decisions are the best decisions. And nowhere is that more important than at the local government level. Whatever your research needs, we can help when you don’t know where to look, or simply don’t have the time. Using a variety of proven qualitative and quantitative tools, we can help you explore specific challenges and opportunities or pinpoint constituent wants and needs.

Writers, editors, researchers, designers, photographers, videographers, communications consultants, social media managers
Topic / Policy Research

Good information is the muscle that powers good decisions! But how can you flex those muscles when you don’t have time, or when it seems the government sector is changing exponentially and you can’t keep up? We not only know where to look… but we’re also research geeks! We love the challenge of finding timely and relevant information that will guide decision-making and, therefore, contribute to your success.

Citizens Surveys

Afraid to ask? The reality is, you can’t afford not to! Local governments that elicit regular public feedback can respond quickly to changing trends, technologies, and expectations. We’ll help you craft thoughtful questions, disseminate them through channels that maximize response potential, and then document and report the findings to optimize their usefulness.

Writers, editors, researchers, designers, photographers, videographers, communications consultants, social media managers




Can’t find your way with words? Whatever you need―captivating newsletter copy, user-friendly technical writing, or an inspiring presentation―we’re up for it! After working with you to determine your target audience, preferred medium, and expected outcome, we’ll craft a compelling message guaranteed to get the response you’re looking for.

Branding & Key Messages
A brand icon with sizzle leaves its mark. But only if the complementary slogan and key messages are equally hot! Proactive local governments refocus and refine their messaging continually to mirror ongoing corporate changes. They also create specific brands and messaging for key community projects or processes. We’ll help you review and update existing branding and messaging, and explore brands and key messages for new uses.
Corporate Communication Tools
Don’t have the “write” stuff? Local governments require a range of communications tools to inform and inspire a variety of stakeholders, including the public. We have extensive experience in creating web content, brochures, fact sheets, newsletters, manuals, annual reports, videos, presentations, speeches, proposals, and grants. Technical writing is also a specialty.
Media / Social Media / Marketing Messages
The medium really is the message! That’s why writing styles vary, depending on how you intend to deliver your information. News releases, public service announcements, and editorials must be timely and punchy. Facebook posts should be socially and technologically appropriate. Articles need to be attention-grabbing and thought-provoking. And ad copy must stand out in the sea of competing promotional messages. We’ve done it all, for local governments throughout British Columbia!
Editing / Proofing / Fact Checking
A comma or a semi-colon? A new paragraph or not? These are questions you likely don’t have the time or inclination to answer. We’re always ready to help with track changes or a sharp red pencil! Once we know your target audience and reason for reaching out, we’ll focus on style, grammar, punctuation, accuracy, formatting, and/or proofing for print or digital use.




Want to look your corporate and community best? Whether you need display materials, a new look for your employee newsletter, or a total identity makeover, we’ll help you align your image, values, and mission. First, we’ll research leaders within the government sector to identify emerging design trends. Then we’ll combine proven design principles with powerful messaging to guarantee a provocative yet professional impression.

Writers, editors, researchers, designers, photographers, videographers, communications consultants, social media managers
Logos / Design

Turn a first impression into a second look! From logos and signage, to newsletters and annual reports, we’ll work with you to create a lasting impact. Whether you’re looking to brand a capital project or design a service guide, we’ll match you with a proven designer who specializes in that genre. We also specialize in the emerging field of data visualization.

Photography / Videos

More than a shot in the dark! Whatever your visual needs, we’re the go-to source for pictures, both moving and not. From corporate portraits to training videos, we’ll capture and reflect the true essence of your organization through imaginative yet professional imagery. We also provide time-lapse photography and work with a budding methodology called story mapping, which combines data with visuals and online technology to tell a story as it unfolds.


We can help you get the right message to the right people.