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Want to boost overall organizational performance? Believe it or not, you can do it simply by improving internal and external communication. Good communication is the foundation upon which corporate culture, creativity, innovation, collaboration, sustainability, and values-based leadership and decision-making are built.

Through a variety of presentations and workshops, we can help you build a culture that enables and encourages meaningful and productive communication at all levels, and with all stakeholders. Workshops are delivered in partnership with SustainAbility Support Services Inc., and are highly customized to meet your specific wants and needs.

Communication and Corporate Culture

Few things affect employee relationships and corporate culture more than internal communication. With that in mind, have you considered the undeniable link between communication and morale, productivity, creativity, and teamwork? Are you committed to in-house communication that’s respectful, meaningful, and productive?

A pre-workshop audit will determine the perceived and actual effectiveness and efficiency of your existing communication structures, systems, technologies, and incentives. Workshop participants will then explore and address existing challenges, and then identify innovative yet practical and affordable opportunities for improving internal communication. The workshop will also set the stage for ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and celebration.

Communication and Performance

Overall organizational performance is directly related to the calibre of both your internal and external communications. Given the differences between the two, do you have a strategy for each? And have you considered how both can help set the stage for optimal productivity, prosperity, and legacy? We can help with the answers and the potential outcomes of these questions.

A pre-workshop audit will determine the effectiveness and efficiency of internal and external communication structures, systems, technologies, and incentives. Workshop participants will then brainstorm ways of improving relationships and expediting communication, thereby tightening planning and design processes, production timelines, marketing cycles, and/or delivery timetables. The workshop will also explore ways of monitoring, evaluating, and celebrating communication successes.

Communication and Creativity

All of your employees are innately creative, but have you enabled and rewarded their ingenuity? Just imagine… your accountant develops a user-friendly way of presenting complex financial data. Your engineer envisions a practical and affordable way to use an emerging green technology. Your janitor identifies ways to reduce the use of cleaning products by 30 percent. Etc. Etc. Etc. But how can these people develop and share their ideas, and how can you encourage more ideas by introducing appropriate organizational communication systems and incentives?

Pre-event research and the workshop itself will explore ways of formalizing, rewarding, evaluating, and celebrating creativity. Outcomes promise to ignite passion as well as enhance productivity, prosperity, and legacy.

Communication and Innovation

Are you on the leading edge or constantly falling off? Organizations with structures, systems, technologies, and incentives that encourage staff to share ideas and then collectively assess and refine them are thriving. Where ideas are not shared―and, therefore, not examined or fostered―opportunities are constantly lost in rapidly changing marketplaces and communities. Wherever you’re at, we can help you inform and inspire innovation at all levels.

A pre-workshop audit will identify existing opportunities for sharing and assessing ideas with internal and external stakeholders. Workshop participants will then brainstorm ways of addressing the challenges, enhancing the opportunities, and building a process for continual monitoring, evaluation, improvement, and celebration.

Communication and Collaboration

Internal and multi-stakeholder collaboration done right, offer the greatest opportunities for innovative, practical, and affordable solutions to your organizational challenges. When people from different departments, industries, or sectors converge around a particular problem or prospect, each brings different insights, ideas, and passions. Novel yet workable solutions often emerge as thoughts are communicated and examined. The resulting products, programs, or projects often enjoy broad-based and long-term support.

A pre-workshop audit will identify existing opportunities for communication and cooperation, after which workshop participants will explore tactics and tools for improved collaboration, ongoing evaluation, and celebration.

Communication and Sustainability

Your corporate stakeholders and clients or constituents are likely talking about ways to make your organization more sustainable. But are you listening? For example, have you introduced policies, programs, projects, and partnerships to help you increase your bottom line while reducing energy and water use? Wherever you’re at on the sustainability continuum, the next step is possible only through deliberate dialogue that involves all appropriate stakeholders.

A pre-workshop audit will identify formal and informal opportunities for sustainability dialogue to unfold, after which the workshop will identify ways to introduce or enhance these conversations to your best benefit.

Communication and Values-based Leadership

An organization that enables and fosters values-based leadership is well on its way to prosperity and a positive legacy. So, have you explored the values that influence your leadership and decision-making styles? Do you encourage employees and other key stakeholders to identify, discuss, manifest, and celebrate their best individual and collective values?

For better or worse, answers to these questions will help inform and guide short-term strategic and operational communications functions. In the long-term, they could mean the difference between mediocre and stellar performance.

Pre-event research will identify individual and corporate values, and how well they are aligned and reflected in organizational plans, policies, programs, projects, and partnerships. Before the workshop, participants will complete Values Blueprint assessments, designed to help them understand how their personal values align with the corporate brand, culture, and client relationships. At the workshop, participants will discuss assessment outcomes, and then apply what they’ve learned about themselves and the organization in a variety of scenario-based discussions.


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